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  • Immune booster
  • Anitiviral

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Immunovit-IHP is a unique combination that combines the health restoring benefits of Reishi mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum; the antioxidant properties of pomegranate fruits, and the immune enhancing and adaptogenic effects of Korean ginseng root extract to produce the most powerful wellness, antioxidant and disease fighting supplement that boosts immunity. It serves as a cellular repair and restoration agent, which increases the ability of the body to fight diseases and to overcome a wide variety of ailments.


  • Immune booster: Immunovit-IHP is the miracle solution which acts against the free oxygen radicals known as the scourge of humanity. Free oxygen radicals have long been known to damage our cellular structures, genres, DNA and RNA causing premature ageing and over 4000 diseases. Immunovit-IHP removes bad chemicals from the body and promotes new skin to replace the old ones therefore making you look younger all the time.
  • Anitiviral: Immunovit-IHP reduces or stops the growth of viruses including the dreaded ones by the production of interferon. Immunovit-IHP increases killer cells (cells that fight against foreign bodies in the human body) activity, and also stops the immune system from attacking the host tissue.

Other Benefits includes:

It can be used in the management of diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, kidney disease, liver diseases, insomnia and other disorders.

It is a detoxifier, an energizer, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and a cardiotonic.


Immunovit-IHP capsules should be taken as recommended – usually up to 3 capsules (or 1g) twice daily.


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