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IHP Ginger Tea is a blend of light brown root of ginger with distinctive taste and qualities; a dietary tea used to maintain normal blood circulation, motion/morning sickness, cold and flu; reduces pain, inflammation and stomach discomfort.


The health benefits of IHP Ginger tea include:

  1. Relieves nausea: Drinking IHP Ginger tea before travelling can prevent the nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. If you did not drink the tea before you became nauseous, drink a cup of IHP Ginger tea at the first sign of nausea to relieve symptom.
  2. Improves stomach performance: IHP Ginger tea improves digestion and increase absorption of food; prevents belching and stomach bloating after too much food; also improves appetite.
  3. Reduces inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of IHP Ginger tea make it a home remedy for muscles and joint problems relieve.
  4. Fights respiratory problems: IHP Ginger tea helps to relieve congestion associated with common cold and flu and other environmental allergies.
  5. Improves blood circulation: The vitamins, minerals and amino acids in IHP Ginger tea helps to restore and improve blood circulation and decreases chances of cardiovascular problems. It also prevents fat from depositing in the arteries thus helping to prevent heart attack and stroke.
  6. Relieves menstrual disorder: Drinking a cup of IHP Ginger tea with honey relieves the pains and relaxes the muscle cramp which occurs during menstrual cycle.
  7. Strengthen Immunity: Due to the present of antioxidants in ginger, IHP Ginger tea helps to strengthen the body immunity and reduces the free radicals.
  8. Relieves stress: Due to the combination of strong aroma and healing properties, IHP Ginger tea helps to calm, lower your stress and tension.
  9. Increases fertility; Regular intake of IHP Ginger tea may increase a man’s sperm count and helps with erectile dysfunction and work to boost a man’s fertility.
  10. Other benefits of IHP Ginger tea are:
  • Fight infections and bad breath.
  • Slows down the growth of cancer.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.
  • Helps to detoxify the liver.


  1. Those with blood disorder, hypertensive or pregnant should consult the Doctor.

 Dosage and Administration: One teabag soaked in 100mls of hot water, to be taken two times a daily.

Pack size:  2g x 25 sachets.


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