About Us

We specialize in high quality herbal and dietary supplements.

Our products are organically grown, handpicked, and aseptically manufactured by us, using the best practices and standard operating procedures.

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Our Story

InterCEDD Health Products (IHP) must begin its story with the pioneer, Bioresources Development and Conservation Program (BDCP), a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, founded in 1992.

 BDCP is a knowledge based organization dedicated to sustainable development through the conservative utilization of Natural resources. Since its establishment by a group of scientists, BDCP has collaborated with local, national and international partners while developing  its traditional knowledge, including traditional medicines.

In 1995, this group of renowned scientist went ahead to establish the International Centre for Ethnomedicine and Drug Development (InterCEDD), with the objective to produce medicines from organic plants and other biological resources (through research) to solve everyday health and environmental challenges.

In 2007, we evolved beyond research and began manufacturing products using natural  materials and herbs, mostly found in our immediate environment for the management, improvement, and maintenance of health. This was how InterCEDD Health Products was borne.


InterCEDD Health products Ltd., IHP is health and wellness company specialized in high quality herbal and dietary supplements produced in the laboratories of International Centre for Ethnomedicine and Drug Development, InterCEDD. 

The company focuses on developement, sales, and awareness of health and wellness products. IHP is also a member of a 20-year old group called Bioresources Development Group, BDG.


To be a globally recognized health and wellness organization that facilitates the sustainable utilization of natural products for human health improvement.


To become a leading name in the production, promotion and sales of health and wellness products that are scientifically certified, with a view to improving general human health and well-being; develop partnership with agencies, communities and governments for sustainable health development.