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How to treat hair breakage

How to treat hair breakage

You may have been thinking of ways to nurture your hair. Who wouldn’t love to have good looking, healthy hair? Keeping your hair healthy and free from dandruff and breakage is as easy as ABC. All you need to gain back the natural glo and strength of your hair is a consistently healthy diet and the right hair-care regimen.

Every strand of hair has overlapping scales which prevents breakage. Once these scales become weak, hair breaks at the shafts. When a hair strand is stressed, it loses its protective outer layer. The hair weakens, gets thin, frays and then breaks.

Find out how a healthy diet and use of the right hair-care regimen can keep your hair healthy and strong.

How Can I Tell My Hair Is Breaking?

Check for these signs to see if you have hair breakage:

  • Short broken hairs on your comb or shedding when you style
  • White spots and split ends on hair strands
  • Check your hair for fallouts
  • If your hair appears to be too dry, it is likely that you’re dealing with a breakage issue
  • Healthy hair doesn’t tangle easily. If your hair tangles and you find it difficult to comb, you may be dealing with a breakage issue
  • If you feel that your hair is brittle as you run your fingers through it, you may be having hair breakage

Why Is My Hair Breaking?

The first step to stopping hair breakage is to check your hair care routine to find what’s causing it. Hair breakage could be caused by:

  • Under conditioning
  • Bleaching and dyeing hair
  • Improper diet
  • Dryness
  • Harsh handling when styling or combing
  • Using styling tools that produce heat
  • Not allowing hair to dry naturally
  • Tying up your hair too often
  • Hypothyroidism

How Can I Prevent Hair Breakage?

With good hair care and the right products, you can turn hair breakage around. Use these four tips to bring back healthy hair.

  1. Condition and Strengthen 

Your most important step to reduce hair breakage is conditioning your hair. When your hair is hydrated and nourished, its protective outer layer stays whole. It has more stretch, tangles less, and breaks less.

  1. Go Gently When Styling

If your hair is having a delicate phase with lots of breakage, reduce your blow drying and heat styling. Wait until your hair is partially dry before finishing it with blow drying. You’ll see less hair breakage right away.

  1. Get Good Nutrition 

Hair health comes from good hair nutrition. Use products that nourish your hair. Feed your hair with a healthy diet. Nourish your hair with IHP Triple Action Hair Cream. Make sure you’re getting a good amount of protein, healthy oils and green vegetables from your diet. You should see stronger hair in one to two months.

  1. How To Treat Hair Breakage?
  • Include Vitamins in Your Diet

Vitamins C, D3 and biotin can help reduce hair breakage by improving its health. Include foods rich in these nutrients in your diet for good hair.

  • Follow Good Hair Care Routine

Massage your scalp regularly with essential oil to increase blood flow to your hair follicles. This will help strengthen your hair follicles and prevent breakage.

  • Deep-Condition Your Hair

Deep-conditioning provides your hair with the much-needed protein and nutrients. It helps in strengthening your hair and penetrating the nutrients deep into the shaft to repair damaged hair. Deep-conditioning on a regular basis will make your hair softer and free from breakage.

Strengthen your hair, prevent breakage, repair split ends and stimulate hair growth   with IHP Deep Hair Conditioner. Combat dry scalp and dandruff with it as well.


Your hair is your crown. Nurture your hair with IHP Deep Hair Conditioner, IHP Triple Action Hair Cream and IHP Virgin Coconut Oil. These products a contain natural shea butter, virgin coconut oil, honey, peppermint oil and other essential oils. They have proven benefits in the management of hair breakage, hair loss as well as combating dry scalp and dandruff.


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