Vernonia Ocimum Tea


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IHP Vernonia Ocimum Tea is made from Vernonia amaygdalina and Ocimum gratissimum. Vernonia amaygdalina is a shrub that grows in tropical Africa. It is commonly called bitter leaf because of its bitter taste. The bitterness is as a result of the presence of the sesquiterpenes lactones and steroid glycosides which are responsible for the activity.

Ocimum gratissimum, Scent Leaf, is rich in alkaloids, tannins; flavonoid, phytates and oligosaccharides which are responsible for its medicinal properties.
Vernonia Ocimum tea has immense health benefits such as body weight management, easy bowel evacuation, cleansing of the body system and control of body sugar.


Blood Sugar Control: Vernonia ocimum tea controls blood sugar and lipids because of the presence of sesquiterpenes lactones and steroid glycosides constituents present.
Ceansing And Body Detoxification: Vernonia Ocimum tea detoxifies and cleanses the body organs.
Relieves Constipation: The tea relieves constipation and bloating.

Other Health Benefits Of Vernonia Ocimum
– Enhances your body immunity.
– Used to control high blood pressure.
– Used as a febrifuge.

Dosage And Administration
Put four teaspoonfuls in a 200mls cup of hot water, stir, allow for 5 mins and drink warm three times a day. Then gradually reduces frequency of intake.


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