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The increase in number of people living with diabetes in Nigeria is alarming. An explosion in this number may be imminent if urgent measures are not taken for its prevention and management. This could overwhelm an already resource constrained health care system.

The World Health Organization, WHO, estimates for Nigeria indicate that 5.8 % of Nigerians (about 6 million) are diabetic, and nearly 4 to 11 % of the population live with diabetes. Nigeria is currently the most affected country in Africa. 3 in every 10 people in Nigeria live with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, with the poor, the rich, the young and the old included in this number.

Experts say diabetes is becoming more common worldwide with the number of affected people rising yearly. Projections indicate that Africa and Nigeria in particular, is likely to experience the highest increase in the near future. The International Diabetes Federation estimates that by 2040 the global prevalence of diabetes is likely to stand at 10 % of humanity, Nigeria inclusive. An examination of the diabetes burden within sub-Saharan Africa shows that by 2040, 642 million will be diabetic. Diabetes kills more than HIV, TB and malaria combined and this is made worse by the fact that there is a scarcity of dedicated diabetes centres in Nigeria.

The alarming increase in the number of diabetic patients has far-reaching implications. We cannot fold our hands and watch this dreaded disease continue to spread geometrically all over the nation. This is why we are presenting to you IHP Physogen Tea.

IHP Physogen Tea is a refreshing blend of powdered Gongronema latifolium leaf and Garcinia kola seed powder. It is on this note that we present IHP Physogen Tea as a natural, cost-effective way to manage high blood sugar.

The health benefits of IHP Physogen Tea include:

  • Manages (reducing) blood sugar level
  • Manages abdominal obesity
  • Reverses insulin resistance

Whether you are diabetic or prediabetic,  IHP Physogen Tea will be of immense benefit to you in the management of high blood sugar.

Here are some testimonials from people who have taken Intercedd Health Products.

Few months ago, my blood sugar level was at 218mg/dL . A friend recommended IHP Physogen Tea to me and in a space of two months, my blood sugar level dropped to 186mg/dL. Even my doctor was surprised. IHP Physogen Tea is the real deal.
Kunle Malik
I used to be Prediabetic (9.8mmol/L) but with the IHP Physogen Tea, my blood sugar has stabilized and I am doing perfectly fine right now.

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IHP Physogen Tea is produced in the laboratories of International Centre for Ethnomedicine and Drug Development, InterCEDD. It is marketed by InterCEDD Health Products Ltd. (IHP), a health and wellness company specialized in marketing and sales of scientifically certified natural medicines. IHP is a member of the near 30-year old group called Bioresources Development Group, BDG.

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