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IHP Virgin Coconut Oil takes of babies and mothers before, during and after delivery.

IHP Virgin Coconut Oil Cares for Your Baby from Head to Toe:                                                                            

Cradle Cap and Hair Oil – Just a tea spoon a day on the scalp will definitely soothe and nourish that dry skin on baby’s head. Not only that: IHP Virgin Coconut Oil improves the health of the scalp and hair by strengthening the strands and reducing protein loss during washing.

Weight Gain for Preterm Babies – Was your baby born premature? There is evidence that adding IHP Virgin Coconut Oil to the feeding formula of preterm babies helps them gain weight faster. IHP Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in lauric acid which is found in human breast milk. IHP Virgin Coconut Oil is trusted by physicians and mothers alike for its purity. Insist on that transparent, colourless appearance of IHP Virgin Coconut Oil for your infant.

Baby’s Immune, Brain and Bone HealthIHP Virgin Coconut Oil develops the immune system of the new born as well as aids in brain and bone development.

Nappy Oil– Is your baby having rashly buttocks? IHP Virgin Coconut Oil is not only a great treatment for nappy rash. It is also good for thrush and those nasty, itchy rashes common in girls that do note wash or wipe properly.

Massage OilIHP Virgin Coconut Oil is perfect for massaging your new baby. Infant massages can help calm and relax babies, and has been shown to improve sleep. Improved sleep for baby means better sleep for mom!

IHP Virgin Coconut Oil Cares for Mothers Before, During and After Pregnancy:

Before Pregnancy:

Regular consumption of IHP Virgin Coconut Oil can help balance hormones. Properly balanced hormone levels make it more likely for a woman to ovulate and to conceive.

During Pregnancy:

Boosts Immunity – IHP Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in lauric acid, a rare medium chain fatty acid present in breast milk. Lauric acid has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Increasing your consumption of coconut oil during pregnancy may help support your both you and your baby and your developing baby’s immune system.

Controls Gestational Diabetes – There is evidence that IHP Virgin Coconut Oil may help to balance blood sugar thereby helping women avoid or control gestational diabetes.

Stretch Marks – Regular use of IHP Virgin Coconut Oil on the skin prevents stretch marks during pregnancy. Applying it to stretch marks after they have formed erases them or greatly reduces their appearance.

Vaginal Lubricant – IHP Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent personal lubricant. It can help to alleviate the discomfort of vaginal dryness, as symptom sometimes present during pregnancy.

After Pregnancy:

Increased Milk Flow – The medium-chain fatty acids in IHP Virgin Coconut Oil are reported to help increase milk flow. Your body needs adequate fat in order to produce enough breast milk to support your baby’s needs.

Sore Nipples – If you are breast feeding you might suffer from irritated or sore nipples. Applying IHP Virgin Coconut Oil can help prevent and treat cracking and soreness. IHP Virgin Coconut Oil is renowned for nourishing damaged skin. Slather it on sore or cracked nipples between feeds. It’s perfectly fine if babies ingest some while feeding.

Weight Loss After Birth – Pregnant and nursing females store fat to assure successful lactation. Any lauric acid and capric acid in the diet becomes part of the adipose fat stores. What this means is that a mother’s diet while lactating directly affects how quickly she sheds weight once she stops breastfeeding. IHP Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent source of fat since it is rich in medium chain fatty acids.

IHP Virgin Coconut Oil

Here are some Testimonials from People that have used the IHP Virgin Coconut Oil:

Intercedd Health Product
Intercedd Health Product
Intercedd Health Product

Here is another Testimony from a Happy IHP VCO user.

After delivery, I noticed some form of rashes on my baby. This became a concern for me because the baby would just be crying almost every time. I used different method of treatments be the rashes and itching won;t stop. 

One day, a friend recommended IHP Virgin Coconut Oil to me and I got the 450ml. After two weeks of using this coconut oil on my baby, I noticed tremendous improvement in my baby’s skin and he also added some weight. 

Since then, I have  been using IHP Virgin Coconut oil almsot everyday.

See Pictures of my baby after using the IHP Virgin Coconut oil.

The IHP Virgin Coconut Oil is a product InterCEDD Health Products Ltd. IHP is a health and Wellness Company specialized in high quality natural and dietary supplements produced in the laboratories of International Centre for Ethnomedicine and Drug Development, InterCEDD. The company focuses on development, sales, and awareness creation of health and wellness products. IHP is also a member of a 20-year old group called Bioresources Development Group, BDG.