Garcinia kola, commonly called bitter kola, is a flowering plant belonging to the Mangosteen genus of the family Clusiaceae (also known as Guttiferae). Bitter kola is found in the Democratic Republic Congo, Ivory Coast, Mali, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone. Subtropical or tropical moist marsh forests are the typical natural habitat of the plant.

Bitter kola is recognized and frequently used in traditional medicine for its laxative, antiparasitic, and antibacterial properties. The seeds are used to treat colic, head or chest colds, hack, bronchitis, throat infections, and liver issues.

Uses of Bitter kola and Its Health Benefits

Treatment for Impotence: Studies have indicated that Garcinia has effects similar to those of a love potion (increasing a man’s desire for sex). No wonder it is used to treat impotence.

Disease Resistance: Bitter kola affects a number of the body’s defense mechanisms. In addition to enabling the body to adapt to strain, it also acts as a barrier against infections.

Osteoarthritis: Garcinia is regarded as a powerful illness transformant and may be helpful in treating osteoarthritis. Studies indicate that Garcinia kola provides significant pain-relieving and calming effects on those with knee osteoarthritis. Accordingly, Garcinia kola is seen as a prospective illness transformant for osteoarthritis with a high likelihood for good health outcomes. It aids in lessening joint resoluteness, pain, and irritation. The underlying cause of joint inflammation and depressing pain may be a joint injury, weight gain, aging, or genetics. Therefore, making use of this wonder plant can help to address a variety of problems.

Lung Health: Saponin is the component of Garcinia kola with properties that make it a good cellular reinforcer. It has purging and cleansing effects. It expands the alveolar channels and sacs which increases the fibre density of the lung tissues. This in turn, increases the lung’s capacity for cell reinforcement.

Safe Pregnancy: Contrary to popular belief, bitter kola may be beneficial for pregnant women. It reduces nausea and retching, improves the condition of the uterus and offers support to the expectant mother. It also regulates blood flow.

Malaria Treatment: It is acknowledged that bitter kola has a combination of characteristics that allow it to act as an antimalarial stimulant. Kolaviron which is the most active component of Garcinia is a typical cell-reinforcing and mitigating phytochemical with strong ant-malarial effects.

Weight Loss: Bitter kola is well recognized as a typical appetite suppressant and an outstanding thirst stimulator. Thus, it helps to promote weight loss through a reduced need of the body for food intake and an increased intake of water. This helps the body to get rid of excess fat and stay firm.

Diabetes: Bitter kola seeds are said to have the ability to lower blood sugar, making them a plausible natural medicine for management of diabetes.

Management of Glaucoma: It has been shown by a group of scientists that regular and consistent use of an eye drop made with a Garcinia kola concentrate can help in the management of glaucoma.

Remedy for Cold and Fever: The ability of bitter kola to expand the alveolar sac and pipe allows it to relieve chest colds while continuing to prevent the spread of illness.

The Health Benefits of Garcinia kola cannot be overemphasized.

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